The Unpublished Chapters

It feels good to be lost in the right direction.


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Over the last weeks I have had thousands of people read my blog and hundreds of people have told me they support me. What an encouragement. I have been told that they find my story inspiring, but to be honest I find all of you inspiring. I’ve been asked by some of the closest people in my life and even complete strangers, “Why did you make this story public?” And my answer is simple. To inspire. 

Sure, not everyone will have an adoption story, but we all have brokenness in our life, what’s the use in hiding it, what’s the use in feeling alone? Here are some of my favorite things I’ve read lately that have encouraged me. I hope you find that they relate to you. And maybe you won’t start a blog tomorrow, but maybe you’ll confide in a friend, or even a stranger. Maybe you will tell someone what makes you less than perfect. 


If I haven’t said it yet, thank you. Thank you for your support, sensitivity, and encouragement. And for everyone who has shared their stories with me, keep taking those baby steps!

Author: jamieerose

I'm a twentysomething walking through life, okay usually running through life, but I'd like to slow down just long enough to share in my experiences. I am currently writing 2 blogs. One is about my journey as I seek out my biological parents and the other is my adventure in the military. Enjoy :)

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