The Unpublished Chapters

It feels good to be lost in the right direction.


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If you wondered where my blog updates have been, well you’re not alone… In fact.. So have I! Not as quick or as easy as I thought this journey would be so far. I’d apologize for the lack of information, but I don’t think anyone is as confused as me.

Author: jamieerose

I'm a twentysomething walking through life, okay usually running through life, but I'd like to slow down just long enough to share in my experiences. I am currently writing 2 blogs. One is about my journey as I seek out my biological parents and the other is my adventure in the military. Enjoy :)

One thought on “Discouraged

  1. While I know you have left it in your mom’s hands, would it be possible to find a name? if you can get a name from your mother, you can continue to search for her on your own. You would be able to research her and find out more about her without taking away her opportunity to make the next move. I’m here for you! I miss you girl!

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